Mission Statement

Founded in 2014, the ISHGR is a learned society for the promotion of scientific research on hunter-gatherer societies in the past and the present. One of the primary goals of this organization is to ensure the continuation of the Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHAGS) series. It also provides the institutional framework for the Hunter Gatherer Research (HGR) journal, and other events of the hunter-gatherer research community. For an introduction to the oldest human mode of making a living see the article Hunting and Gathering by Thomas Widlok in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Anthropology.

Founding & Board Members

Larry Barham, University of Liverpool | Khaled Hakami, University of Vienna | Jerome Lewis, University College London | Sheina Lew-Levy, Simon Fraser University | Tuck-Po Lye, Universiti Sains Malaysia | Luc Moreau, University of Cambridge | Peter Schweitzer, University of Vienna | Graeme Warren, University of Dublin | Thomas Widlok, University of Cologne

Honorary Members

Alan Barnard | Nurit Bird-David | P. Bion Griffin | Richard B. Lee | Jiro Tanaka | James Woodburn

Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHAGS)

The starting point for CHAGS, and one of the foundational moments of modern hunter-gatherer research, was the famous Man the Hunter conference in Chicago 1966. Over five decades the series has brought together researcher from various disciplines concerned with the scientific study of hunter-gatherer societies. Since 2014, it is organized under the banner of the ISHGR. For the next conference see CHAGS XIII Dublin 2022.

Hunter Gatherer Research (HGR)

Published by Liverpool University Press, Hunter Gatherer Research (HGR) is an international, multi-disciplinary quarterly publication that covers all aspects of hunter-gatherer studies.The journal is an indispensable resource for anyone with a research interest in hunter-gatherer societies. The journal is the official publication of the ISHGR. When a subscription to the HGR journal is taken out, ISHGR membership is activated.