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The ISHGR is a learned society for the promotion of research and better knowledge about hunter-gatherer societies in the past and the present. In 2014, it was founded by academic researchers from various disciplines and backgrounds, who share a strong interest in the study of hunter-gatherer societies. Until then, no formal network for scholars spezializing in this field existed. One of the primary goals of this organization is to ensure the continuation of the Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHAGS) series. The starting point for CHAGS, and one of the foundational moments of modern hunter-gatherer research, was the 1966 Man the Hunter conference. The ISHGR provides the institutional framework for CHAGS, the Hunter Gatherer Research (HGR) journal, and other events of the international hunter-gatherer research community.

NEWS: CHAGS XII Penang 2018



The ISHGR office is currently located at the University of Vienna. To subscribe to our newsletter please send an e-mail with 'subscribe' in the subject field.



Larry Barham, University of Liverpool (Treasurer)
Khaled Hakami, University of Vienna (Secretary)
Jerome Lewis, University College London
Tuck-Po Lye, Universiti Sains Malaysia (President)
Peter Schweitzer, University of Vienna (Vize-President)
Thomas Widlok, University of Cologne

Honorary Members

Richard B. Lee
Jiro Tanaka
James Woodburn

CHAGS - Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies

Over five decades, a series of spontaneously organized conferences became known as CHAGS. The series has brought together in roughly equal measure, archaeologists, social anthropologists, human evolutionists, and activists concerned about the fate and future of foraging peoples.

Hunter Gatherer Research Journal

Editors: Graeme Warren & Louis Forline

Liverpool University Press, 4 issues per year (January, May, August and November), Online ISSN 2056-3264

Hunter Gatherer Research (HGR) is an international, multi-disciplinary quarterly publication that covers all aspects of hunter-gatherer studies, whether focusing on the present, past or future. It encompasses genetics, ecology, evolutionary anthropology, archaeology, ethnography, ethnohistory, linguistics, indigenous rights and applied research. Hunter Gatherer Research is an indispensable resource for anyone with a research or activist interest in hunter-gatherers. The journal, published quarterly, is the official publication of the International Society of Hunter Gatherer Research which was formed in 2013 following CHAGS X Liverpool. Hunter Gatherer Research succeeds the journal Before Farming: the archaeology and anthropology of hunter-gatherers, whose archive will be now maintained by Liverpool University Press.

When a subscription to the Hunter Gatherer Research journal is taken out, ISHGR membership is activated. Please use the above link to subscribe.

For paper submissions please contact the editors graeme.warren@ucd.ie or forline@unr.edu